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Re Frame And Up Your Game.

Lets have a little chat about negative thoughts

One bad boy in particular I want to tackle tonight

do you ever catch yourself thinking..about anything but ESPECIALLY about working out and eating well – ‘I don’t have time for that’

Lets dig it out right hear and now man

‘I don’t have time’ – at it’s essence, it’s just a thought we have.. yep.. me as well

Now, when we choose to believe that

when we choose to buy into it and actually believe that our lives our so busy we couldn’t possibly fit a workout in

here’s what follows

– Getting frantic
– Feeling sorry for yourself
– Total lack of results
– Small tasks expanding to fill large bits of time
– Feeling of overwhelm

That all sounds like a load of junk right ?

And these are things I know you’d love to be rid of in your life

Now I’ll tell you – you more than likely don’t actually need to remove anything from your life to fit in working out and eating well

You just need to get better at scheduling, at being ruthless and at being committed to the right things

and it all starts with that little change from ‘I don’t have time for all this’ TO ‘I’ll make time for this and where can I fit it in’

Do this and honestly – You’ll make room, feel a LOT less stressed and also be getting results you never thought possible with that busy schedule of yours

You’ll do everything you do now as well as be getting a better body, improving your health and dealing with less stress

How powerful and exciting is that?

I only realised this was even a thing when I looked at my diary and realised I was still doing 40+ hours of coaching in the gym a week

the same amount that had me overwhelmed and stressed out my mind only a year ago

not much has changed, except I’ve got a stronger mind and I’m more organised

Go get it mate – it’s there for you

and don’t even think about giving me that drip about ‘it’s different for me’, it’s not – we are all busy


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