Roll Out! To The Pumpkin Patch - Wolf

Roll Out! To The Pumpkin Patch

Just been down yeee oldeee pumpkin patch

usual stuff… pick a pumpkin
get cold
get wet
get muddy
overpay for said pumpkin
and MORE

but your old mate WOLF doesn’t mind

because one of the big secrets when it comes to losing weight and getting in shape
the one thing you’ll probably never here talked about
because it’s not as cool as a pill (that doesn’t work)
or a secret diet (that you can’t stick to)

it’s a simple complex
and it’s simply
being on the lookout for opportunities to
wrap your fitness goals up with your every day life

let me explain

that trip to the pumpkin patch
in all it’s glory
yeah….. I see it
but I also see

– A chance to do my steps for the day after a long week at the laptop
– Calorie burning to help my weight loss


pushing a wheelbarrow full of horribly oversized pumpkins
through THICK mud was a pretty good workout in itself

it’s a proper WIN WIN you see
because the family will love it as well

so off the back of this email
keep your little eyeball peeled for chances to
get out, move more, make progress

wrap is all up in a lovely little package with your everyday life

so you can get in shape, lose weight and make progress

without really changing much

outside of coming down to WOLF 3x a week to gain some muscle of course !

have a great weekend


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