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Rules for busy men who want to be in better shape

Recently I gave you a chance to grab my ’24 golden rules for losing weight, building muscle and creating initiate motivation’

it’s perfect for printing and being VISIBLE somewhere so you can apply some of the rules

if you missed it, you can get it here –

24 you might think, that’s a lot right?

I know

and just between you and myself

this whole ball game could be simplified into 5 or 6 simple guidelines that if you followed

Well, lets you’d never have to worry about your waistline again

Here’s the recipe

1. Workout for 45-60 mins 3-5 x a week

2. Eat around 2000 calories a day and get more protein than you do now

3. On weekends, relax your diet so you stay sane but don’t go over board

4. Drink 3-4 normal sized bottles of water a day or equivalent

5. Keep junk food to once or twice a week and make sure it fits into the above rules

so simple? don’t confuse things that are simple with things that are easy

creating new habits will test you big time

Man, I look at that and think

if every hard working male like yourself just injected some really easy tips like that into their life

We wouldn’t even be in 1/10th of the mess we are in now with so many people being overweight

here’s what I want you to do

Have a look at my rules

how can you change them a little to fit with your life?

Which one rule could you start doing immediately and it wouldn’t actually take up any of your precious spare time

Why haven’t you started doing it yet if there’s no time commitment needed?

Get tough on yourself my man

We do things differently at WOLF

this year I’ve helped men lose stones and enhance confidence but I want to help more people

to come and see how I can help you, go here and apply –


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