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Running Problems And Your Progress

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you love going out for a jog?

don’t answer that my friend

you see – I’m a bit of a reluctant runner

I enjoy the benefits but I don’t REALLY enjoy it you know

and really don’t expect me to be one of those minimum 10k short shorts and singlet type of bro’s

+ With this heat? it’s been real torture and here is a little secret for you

I haven’t made ANY progress with my running in the last 3 months, I haven’t gone further and I haven’t run faster

it’s not a big deal though, because I know I’ve still got the benefits (health, fitness, less fat)

and I KNOW that in the long run I’ll get better anyhow.. mainly when it cools down which will make it a bit easier

What’s this got to do with you?


MOST men are convinced they need to be constantly improving, that’s just in our nature be it job, fitness, relationships or life

And don’t get me wrong, you NEED to progress

but what you really can’t afford to do especially when it comes to working out

is forget why you are starting in the first place which is

A. To improve your confidence and feel better about yourself
B. To feel stronger, fitter and not get out of breath so much
C. To tone up, look better and feel good about the way you look

And fact is – Your working towards all of those things even when your not doing more and more workouts, lifting more weight, doing more reps or struggling more

So if you start and have some workouts/jogs where you feel awful, lazy, tired, unmotivated and pathetic (it happens trust me)

Remember why you started, remember your still doing good just by showing up and don’t compare actual progress (small Steps) with ideal progress (big steps)

You can’t make huge steps all of the time

So be willing and delighted to take a tiny step

it will add up


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