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Saturday Kitchen

You ever catch an episode of Saturday kitchen my friend?

what is it about people heating up some stuff and chucking it on a plate that is so great to watch?

I guess it’s the same thing that means MASTERCHEF will be returning for its 108939482th season next week… you work it out

Anyway, on Saturday kitchen, they have a part of the show called the Omelette Challenge

When they will try to whip up an omelette in as quick a time as possible

The record is like 45 seconds or something silly

And, Just in case you didn’t know, The old ommy is a great breakfast for men who are looking to get in better shape and lose fat

Yea, even with a cheeky bit of cheese on top to boot

so when you tell me

‘you don’t have time to eat well in the morning’

I have to call that out as BS

Because it only takes 45 seconds to make a GREAT start to your day

the time excuse just doesn’t wash and you COULD get rid of that extra snooze button press you keep giving in to

45 seconds man…. come on now

Excuses like this are just in your head and you need to stop believing them if your going to get results

Anyway, I guess my question to you is

can you find a little bit more time in the morning this week to make sure you get a chance for a great breakfast and a less hectic ‘first hour’?

Win the first hour win the day <<<<< If you can, I promise, overall... your life will be better all round - You'll actually do better at work as well Try the old 1 snooze rule as well, 1 snooze then UP None of this ridiculous nonsense where people set about 27 alarms within 5 minute of each other? madness let me know if I can help you out with anything else Steve THE WOLF

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