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See It And Believe It

See It And Believe It

So like I said to you the other day my good friend

We @ WOLF now help nearly 40 MEN in the Saffron Walden area

We help them with

Raised Confidence
Heightened self esteem
Improved Food choices
Weight LOST
Clothes feeling looser
Happier in themselves
Improving their ability to lead by example
Over come their BS

So why is this ’40’ number such a big deal to me?

Well, back in June – when I was only helping 30 people

I wrote in BIG WRITING on a piece paper

And then STUCK is above my desk


This little piece of paper has had an incredible effect on me

Creating a daily and hourly reminder of what I’m working towards

Reminding me by the hour of the work that still needs to be done

Giving me a constant nudge to provide the best possible service I can


My advice to you is very simple

If you have a goal or a target

Write it down and put it somewhere where you will see it every single day

Fridge door? Anyone?

What’s even better? If OTHER people see it as well

That way

You might get called out as a liar if your not making it happen

Because we both know that you’ve set plenty of goals and resolutions in the past

But how many of them have been realised ? Don’t worry….. I’m exactly the same but this was a game changer for me

Try it and see the results for yourself


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