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Shake It Until You Make It

Hands up if you ever heard one of these RE: Our old friend the protein shake

‘Shakes will make you big but then it all turns to fat
‘You can go on shakes if you workout a lot’
‘Protein shakes are full of chemicals’
‘Protein shakes are full of sugar’
‘Shakes make you fat’

That’s right my young grasshopper, it’s the same old junk speak you hear floating around all the time

Amount of fact in any of those statements – ZERO

So let me hit you with a few knowledge bombs

Protein shakes ARE

A super easy and convenient way to eat food
Tasty, sweet and no worse for you in terms of ‘chemicals’ than a Diet Coke which you likely have no problem sucking down with your meal out
Good for building muscle and staying trim
Very low in calories (A normal serving is half the calories of a mars bar)
stupidly convenient compared to boiling a chicken breast and grilling some cabbage

and in fact, ill be honest, if you’re busy like me

they are almost essential if you want to stay on course through the day when life stuff is being thrown at you left, right and down the middle


I’m not saying sprint down to Holland and Barrett as quick as you can

Far from it

but what I want you to do is consider

are you missing out on things because of a load of nonsense that has somehow become gospel down the years?

Just like – ‘You need jogging to lose weight’


‘Doing Crunches burn stomach fat’

See what I mean?

Have a great day and if you need any more help then leave me a message in the contact box

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