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Silly Motivational Fitness Quotes

Now don’t get me wrong
I don’t mind me a ‘no pain no gain’
We love the idea of getting fired up just from a few words

Thing is though, some of them are just plain baloney
in fact, they’ll do you more harm than good on your quest
Look below for some examples

‘Go Big or Go home’
‘5am Hustle Crew’
‘Beast mode’

The problem lies in the simple fact that after all is said and done
you don’t need any extremes to get what you want

you don’t need to be up at 5am, train until you puke
eat a zero carb diet
have an aloe vera shake
drink 4 gallons of water a day or get 11 hours sleep a night to tone up and feel great

Have you ever been guilty of starting a new diet/fitness plan really strong
And then burning out a few days/weeks later?

I see it all the time

So my very important piece of advice for you today is
instead of being Mr X-treme

Try and be steady, be consistent, start with eating a bit less junk
and reducing the booze
then add some weight training so you start shaping up the right way

Failure lies in trying to implement that which you’ll never keep up
(some of the culprits listed above)

And look, I get it
you want to make a great start
I understand it

just remember

you won’t always feel as motivated as you do at the start
….. And you just try living off chicken breast and kale when you’re tired as f*** and its been a tough week
Only going to end one way

You need to have a fall back

If you want more info on how I’ve helped men just like you drop 1-2 stone of fat (and keep it off)

just shoot me a message

Have a great day

Steve THE ‘Extreme’ WOLF

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