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SO – Do Numbers Matter Or Not?

So I was just finishing up a wolf pack session last night

Every now and then

As well as taking measurements around the belly, love handles, guns, chesticles etc

I’ll weigh my men as well… you know… the scales, the naughty step, the scales of justice… they’ve had a few names down the years

All these things help us measure progress

Now – a couple of the guys jump on, they’ve been dropping fat and body weight for fun over the last 4-6 weeks

But they weren’t any lighter tonight, no big deal, just keep doing what your doing – key lesson there man.

My last amigo gets on, he hasn’t lost a gram and he’s fuming

‘I don’t get it he said, I feel better, stronger and my clothes fit better but I just can’t lose weight’

‘Stop right there mate’ I said

Because you see

What the f*** is more important than the way you feel ?

If you feel better, and you know your stronger – and the old work trousers are looser round the middle then your IN the right direction

So what I’m getting at here is

We all put a lot of power into the scales

I know you’d love to drop a few pounds

And don’t get me wrong

I won’t bs you like some of the idiots I see on social media

Saying that how much you weigh is just plain irrelevant

It’s just a tool to measure progress

But just remember – you only want to lose weight and tone up so you can FEEL a certain way

– more confident
– proud of your achievement
– like your stomach is noticeably flatter in this shirt
– optimistic about your future body
– energetic
– Alive

Have a great evening, don’t forget the numbers but don’t lose your sh** over them either

Steve the WOLF

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