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S**tting Bricks And Getting Results

I can SO clearly remember my first few sessions with my first few clients

MAN – it’s like it was yesterday

You see.- most trainers do 5 years at a ‘commercial’ to gain experience before they go self employed and set up a little place of their own

but I decided it would be best to go balls deep from the start

And you know what

For the first few sessions I was absolutely cacking my pants about what my clients would think of me

like proper proper worried about what would happen

Funny when I look back really, but at the time… far from a laughing matter.


And at this time of year, it’s easy to feel the same

SCARED – about starting something new
WORRIED – That you’ll fail again
NERVOUS – About what people will think

and to be honest

that was one of the reasons I wanted to start the WOLF and have a little studio like we do

Because I was never that really confident person in the gym either

I was really nervous about starting as well

So I understood thats working out 1-1 or in a small group privately would be great for helping men like yourself to get great results

and if I get could set it up so that it wasn’t to expensive to come OFTEN – We would change lives – and I think we have

Anyway though

All I want you to focus on is realising that anxiety, worry, doubt etc are all FUEL to get you excited

Try and take a step toward the result you want, rather than a step away from the one you don’t want…. get it?

Don’t stay stuck on the sofa my grasshopper


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