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When Do I Tell Clients To Eat More?


We just Got Finished up In the WOLF gym with another strong mornings training.

In fact, t’was quite a rare occurrence this morning in that I actually told 2 of the people I worked with to Increase the amount they are eating.

Believe it or not, even in the quest for a trimmed and toned body, sometimes you need to eat more… Just a stepping stone on the way to the final destination.

Here’s the exact situations in which that went down (no Pun intended)

My first Client Dave has lost a stone with me and his weight loss has started to slow. (May sound familiar to you?)

So anyway, I told Dave to go and enjoy the weekend, add 1000 calories (about but hopefully not a large pizza) to his diet for Saturday and Sunday.

Away he goes with a look on his face like a fat kid in the sweet shop ready to fuel himself to the brim, and I hope he does.

Am I as a coach worried about him gaining weight? Well…of course he will.. but i Have 0 worries because I know after testing this on myself and others a bunch of times, he will lose the weight he gains and then some more to boot in the next week.

My other client Joe, well he just wants to bench press some more weight… Well we aren’t going to do that on Lettuce and Curly Kale, so it’s a bit more food for Joe as well.

The point is my friend… Do not starve yourself for weight loss, It will come back to bite you and you will cave, if not on one day then surely on the next and it could get messy.

BUT… Note, these things were earned and have a purpose, you’re not strategically stoking your metabolism if you hit up a maccies every night.

This is one of the reasons why you must get clear on what you’re currently eating, either by writing that shit down or downloading the MyfitnessPal app.

Then i can tell you exactly how much fuel you need, when to let the tank run dry and also. The fun part… When to fill’er up again.

Come and See Me next week so I can help you get on top of this – https://www.wayoflifefitness.co.uk/lb-offer/

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