That time of the year - Wolf

That time of the year

It’s getting to that time of year again my friend

A couple of my WOLF pack have even uttered the dreaded ‘C’ Word

Summer is just about cooked and although we’d both love to settle down for a family size pack of kettle chips… that’s only going to make us feel WORSE in the long run

And since Christmas is ‘more or less’ 12 weeks away right now believe it or not

it’s the perfect END for some targets you should be setting right now

Because how do you EVER expect to WIN if your not keeping score or aiming for something ?

That’s just one of the reasons a lot of men are depressed about their bodies and keep stopping and starting all the time

They have ZERO direction and are just ‘drifting’ most of the time when it comes to taking care of themselves

So my challenge for you today is

as you read this

just unlock your brain for a second and think of 1 or 2 things you’d love to have by christmas

and no my man ‘The decorations up’ is not a legit answer here

– 1 stone of fat less and feeling smaller around the middle
– A flat stomach for the first time since my early twenties
– 2 workouts a week, more energy and some of the old confidence back
– No fear or self conscious feeling about being in a T shirt

^^ some slightly more ‘legit’ answers for you

If those sound like the kind of things you’d like to have then the next step is the ‘plan’ you’ll need

although that can be as simple as 3 or 4 golden rules that you inject into your life that make all the difference

More on that another time

If you fancy bypassing a lot of the brain work on this one

Go here, fill out the form and even if you don’t come in for the free trial – I’ll invite you down for a chat anyway where I’ll explain EXACTLY what you need to do in order to make it happen

Have a great weekend


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