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That’s A Crazy Amount Of Money!

I was around the in laws having dinner the other night my man
you know how it is – more awkward than a jellyfish in a sauna

So we’re talking about mobile phones
and I mention I might get the new I phone 11 Pro

The camera is great and would help me produce better content for you
Of course – this will be at least a £75 a month investment or so

And here comes the usual band of naysayers AKA – The Mrs’ Sister
‘Oh that’s just a crazy amount of money’

I suppose it is
but honestly – it really depends on your mindset

For me my man – I don’t mind paying for stuff
If it will pay me back over

Sure I could have a Nokia 3210 (RIP)
But a top drawer phone helps me to deliver a better service
which helps me help more men
which allows me to reach my goals

I think I’d rather have that

Do you see the mindset there?

so anyway she’s barking on at me

And I’ve had enough
So I just gave it to her

‘So what about your gym membership?’
(she’s goes to a big commercial gym in Cambridge)

‘What about it?’ she says

‘Well its cheap, and how many times have you been this year’
(I already knew she could count the times on one hand)

What followed was a silence more awkward than a fart in a lift

You see my man, sometimes when you skimp
it’s actually a massive false economy

like when you buy ‘fresh’ fruit off the market because it’s cheap
and 63% of it is not even edible

Or when you went with bob the electrician because he’s half the price
but he messes you around, gives you bad service and doesn’t get the job done


Like when you insist on still trying to get in shape on your own
making the same mistakes over and over
and spinning your wheels instead of moving forward

Getting coaching is a proven investment that pays back
(just ask anyone we’ve worked with)

Or just go to Google
type in way of life fitness saffron walden and read our reviews from men just like you


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