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The area you can progress the fastest on

Have you ever seen one of those ‘Fat to fit’ 90 day transformations ?

I’m not talking about some of the normal (but still epic) before and afters we have over at

I mean the ones where the geezer literally goes from dad bod to bodybuilder in 33 days with THIS diet and THIS Training program – just click here to buy it

I hate those things because it gives the good sir like yourself an unrealistic expectation

because, as I’m always honest, I’ll tell you

training to get in great shape and feel very confident is a long process with as many average days as good ones and some proper challenges a long the way…. SERIOUSLY rewarding tho

You get it right ?

well, there is one area where you can make unimaginable progress from day one

Lets take yourself

I’m guessing a lot of the time you don’t put yourself first

you give a lot of your best time to your family, friends and your job

you don’t put a premium on what you put in your body and you done have fantastic self confidence when it comes to your body


What if you just flipped your mindset so that

Yourself, the way you feel and the way you are is now your number 1 priority before you fix stuff for everyone else

You care a lot about what you put in your body because you know it links directly to looking good, feeling great and getting more sex with the mrs

You are confident because you got started and netted the first results for yourself

you think ahead, plan for situations that you know will make sticking to the plan hard and prepare for them

You are Committed rather than motivated so you will do the work even when you can’t be bothered

That stuff is ALL in your mind and available with some thought and shifts in the way you think

So I’ll have you consider

where can you change the way you think to encourage better results in your life, instead of constantly struggling for ‘drive’

Have a great day and any questions you know where I’m at


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