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The Devils In Your Freezer

Let me just wind you back 1 week my man

it’s Monday morning and I’m NOT feeling great because I knew I’d eaten a load of old cobblers over the weekend

to much junk, eating late at night and then to top it off I had 3 ‘mini Magnums’ on Sunday evening after my roast

pretty bad right

and guess what, being a creature of habit and all… last night after my lean mince chilli con carne I could have SMASHED a mini magnum or 3

1 Massive difference to the week before? No damn magnums in the house pal!

since it’s practically Siberia outside and I’m in my lounge wear… I’m hardly going to venture out for some ice cream am I

So it was just some yogurt, walnuts and a few berries for me… drizzle of honey as well sweetness required

so you see

I wasn’t actually any more motivated
My will power wasn’t actually any stronger
I didn’t have some super powers of resisting bad food

it simply wasn’t available at the time

and what isn’t available doesn’t get eaten brother

It WILL be harder to stay on track if your kitchen is stuffed with pastry, chocolate and pop… just a fact of life

something important… you need to work with the Mrs on this one, lets face it she’s probably in charge of the shopping and has a say in purchases

Also… don’t know about yours but my Mrs is partial to a slab of galaxy every now and then especially after a long day

So Communicate… tell her you want to keep that mumbo jumbo out the house so you can lose weight and feel better

She might just agree, just remember to check in the trolly under the frozen pea’s before you get to checkout….

Have a great day


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