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The Real Problem With Your Crash Diet

As I’ve been getting into this week

talking to more and more men like you about how their weekend was

I’ve been realising

just about all of us had a pretty full on food weekend due to the bank holiday

that was our excuse at least right

There is something about that Monday off that makes you SUPER relaxed isn’t there?

I think a 4 day week is the future man!

Anyway, it’s DONE now and you indulged a bit to much over the weekend, or any other weekend, or a holiday

so I’m talking to the guys

we have a few responses to the weekend blow out

1. The super strict diet approach – a salad and low food diet for the few days after to ‘burn off’ and ‘get back on track’
2. The ‘off the rails’ – Messing up your diet dents your confidence and puts you In ‘oh well F*** it then’ mode and you carry on not giving a Sh** for a while until motivation (short lived, remember) finds you again

^^^ see the cycle relying on motivation can put you in like I talked about the other day?

3. My personal favourite approach the ‘it’s all good’ method – carrying on as if your still on track and it’s ok to eat junk for 3 days out of 7 – often followed by wondering why your not losing weight, these guys usually say to me ‘oh well it was a long weekend’ Or ‘well it’s only a one off’ … thus justifying their 10 pints and 2 takeaways … in their mind at least

Here’s the thing – ALL of the above 3 methods will lead to the same circle of quitting and starting again which isn’t what we want

all you need to do is get back to a steady plan (which I gave you in the last 2 emails)

And one thing I know is this – You will feel back on track in 2 or 3 days

You will feel a lot better and like your making progress again in 4 or 5 days

Just be patient and react to set backs in the right way – Just like you would in other areas of your life

If you messed a job up at work would you work 3x harder for the next 5 days in order to make up for it – Doubtful

Would you carry on messing up more jobs because you felt lousy – NOPE

you’d just get back on track

Don’t treat your body any differently


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