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The Truth About Positive Thinking For Men

It’s alll good man

Just don’t worry

Just think good thoughts and good things will happen…..Yeah…. of course

if only it was that easy right?

now obviously we all know that the only real way to make good things happen is to do the good but boring daily things that no one cares about

those will add up to great results over the long term, I’ve taught you that right?

No Brainer

Want to know what I’ve found to be the real secret to positive thinking?

it’s turning every crappy situation you have… because there will be plenty

into a potential good one or opportunity

Just take last week for example

One of my clients bailed on me sighting that they were going to ‘get drunk’ instead

Kind of like when you might do the same on your own weekend fitness plans

dents the old confidence a bit and before you know it, you’ve decided to ‘knock it on the head’ all together

and the old me would have had my confidence DESTROYED by such a Whatsapp message

I’m not good enough…what’s the point… why bother….should I be doing something else

And I’d feel AWFUL about myself

the way you feel when you really can’t see how your going to make any progress at all with your body

The new me

I’ll make an Instagram and Facebook post about it, get a few laughs, and move onto the next day… confidence intact

I bet you don’t feel FANTASTIC about your body right now

and I bet your to busy to workout more than you are now as well

Just opportunities, to change your lifestyle and make it happen

go here to step up –

Have a siiiiick weekend


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