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To Men Who Want To Get In Shape… But Can’t Get Started!

It snowed the other day, wasn’t it beautiful ?
People fall into 2 camps when it comes to a good old fashioned snow fall
Camp 1 – ‘Bring it on, give me a 2 foot of the stuff’
Camp 2 – ‘I hate snow, it’s so… cold and…. Slushy’
Now between me and you, I’m more of a Camp 1 kinda guy
don’t spread it around though

Anyhow – when it comes to the headline of this message
If you’re a man reading this and you’d like to lose some weight next year…..Probably in order to feel better about yourself, increase your confidence get a spring back in your step and be happier…. < not a crime to want those my mate by the way
You’ve probably felt before like getting started is the hardest part
and you’d be right

I’ve often compared it to rolling a massive F*** Off snow ball down a hill
it’s going to be a ball ache to get going
at the start it feels like you’ll never get there
they’ll probably be some discomfort involved there as well (Cold hands???)

as the ball gets bigger
and the hill kicks in
that sucker gathers pace
you don’t even have to push it anymore
it actually gathers snow and gets bigger on it’s own
I’ve seen it so many times with the hundreds of men I’ve helped to lose weight…. and collectively coaching men to THOUSANDS of pounds of weight loss

SO…What’s the key to starting that snow ball of and ‘getting going’
Well – I’d say 3 things (there is probably more)
1. Have a VISION of where you want to get to
go mad with it…seriously where do you want to be with your body this time next year?
what do you NOT want to have to put up with and feel anymore?
^ get down and dirty with that one, write it down
2. Be Realistic, goals are OK but if they require to much hard and/or fast work
then you’ll miss them then get down, set yourself a really easy first goal on top of your
big bad and beautiful long term vision above
3. Accept it’ll be tough at times
these days we’re used to facing very small amounts of discomfort and resistance
if you want to get started you’re going to have to face some challenges
and bulldoze through them
so get in that mindset right now

You can start right now by working on your 2021 vision
If you need any help walking through this process then drop me a message

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