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If you’ve been following football AT ALL this year

Then you’ll know that plenty of people are up in arms about VAR

Some people hate it, some people love it
Some people don’t really care

People are especially fuming about the offside stuff

And to be honest I can’t really see what they’re angry about

the technology is faultless

It’s the rules that need to change if you want things to be different
So what’s the point in crying about it ?
Facts, angles, numbers etc…. they don’t lie my man

It’s just the same in the gym

I’ve been chatting to all my wolf Members this year – really diving deep
into the obstacles that stand in their way of massive success this year

Some of them tell me they are eating well
eating perfect, no junk, no beers – you know the drill

but the numbers on the scale or the spreadsheet just don’t reflect that

So I’ve been giving them a dose of honesty
and making sure we are still moving forward

Digging down with them deep into what they are doing on a week to week basis
so that we can keep getting the same great results we were last year

OR – so we can up our game and get to a new level

So my questions for you right now is

are your results coming up a bit short?

That’s with your body and across the board
with the way you feel and your self confidence as well

If you’re NOT happy

let me be clear

You need to do something different in order to get to a new destination

I’ll sign off with that
Because it’s the one thing that if you can wrap your head around it
you’ll stand a VERY good chance of having a fantastic 2020

Have a great Weekend


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