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Well, This Is Awkward

If I had a penny for every time I got asked this

I’d be banking American Express GOLD by now

‘What’s the best workout to burn fat?’

In fact, it almost gets a bit awkward potatoes at this point
because I sometimes stumble a bit to explain
As I know it’s not what you want to hear


the truth is

Most workouts are horrible for losing weight

Stay with me here mate
Allow me to explaineth

Lets say I hit a hard workout in the gym
I life some tin, go on the bike for a bit, stretch etc
60-90 mins all in – you feel me ?

well that’s worth about 500 calories of ‘burn’
500 calories up in smoke to fuel that bad boy

Do you know what else has around 500 calories me old mate?
A sarnie from Tesco
A sausage Roll
2 Pints
A big bag of crisps
A double cheeseburger from Maccy d’s

Now how much effort and time does it take
to tuck away any one of the above?
I’ll tuck all 5 of those away in 90 mins no dramas

So you see

this body of ours, its very good at survival
hence the million years we’ve been knocking about

and so, you’ve become very good at storing
and not so good at burning
to conserve precious energy

And this is exactly why

if it’s weight and fat loss you’re after

The battlefield is now and has always been in the kitchen

Hook – Line – Sinker
100% of the time every time

At WOLF we give coaching on weight loss at every single session

Sessions that build muscle and change your shape by the way
and don’t just focus on ‘working a sweat’

Every single new WOLF pack member gets a personalised diet and battle plan when they start

To make sure that you’re winning the battle

Ready for war?

Steve the ‘HUNGRY’ WOLF

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