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What a ‘PT’s’ Weekend Really Looks Like

It’s time for a bit of Hashtag real talk my man

because, from the outside in

when you listen to someone like me….I get that it can seem like we just stick to the plan all of the time

And those guys with shredded abs over on Facebook who spend all of Sunday grilling chicken and steaming broccoli…. well lets just say that this isn’t exactly ‘real life’ 100% of the time

For example

On Friday night I had a large pizza from dominoes…. Texas bbq…. just in case you were curious

Yesterday I spent all day at a ‘shopping village’ with The Mrs and went out in the evening – Not even a hint of any exercise on that day

and last night – I had a couple of mini magnums as well – shoot me

So I guess what I’m getting at with this tale of woe is… we all ‘slip up’

EVERYONE eats junk some of the time even if their social media is full of salad and meal prep selfies

Now, I know you want some REAL life advice as well

because knowing that I slammed a whole large pizza is hardly going to help you on your Monday mission is it?

So – here’s the things I did do that made sure that the weekend wasn’t a complete blow out and a full on ‘start again Monday’ kind of experience

– I DID Get a 45 minute workout in on the Sunday to maintain motivation
– I DID eat a ‘normal’ breakfast Saturday and Sunday so I can feel In routine and not start the day off eating more crap (it’s a snowball effect)
– I DID get my workouts and schedule down for next week so I can feel motivated and confident about the next 7 days

So you see my good man

sometimes – when your trying to reduce the old waist line a bit, burn a bit of fat and tone up, it doesn’t go your way and you slip up

The key is keeping your head on, staying consistent with the most important things and NEVER taking that head first front flip off the wagon into a pit of crisps, chocolate, lager and JUNK

if you do that you’ll murder motivation, feel DOWN and get into that endless cycle of starting again and again

^^^^^ most people spend YEARS in this cycle so trust me… it’s not where you want to be

Have a great week and let me know if you need any help


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