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What Have You Learnt This Summer?

As it all draws to a close now my friend

Because this morning, for my 6am session, we almost started IN DARKNESS

That’s right… Game of thrones fans holla….WINTER is coming

And it makes me think, because we all say… and I bet you’ve said it yourself somewhere a long the way

that SUMMER is going to be your time to get in shape

you’ll feel epic because it’s warm all the time

You’ll have more day light to work with

You’ll have motivation because of the above

You’ll have more free time to do your workouts, jogs etc

But I’ll tell you what me and you never bargained for

The increased time pressure caused by holidays and the Mrs wanting another tip away

An endless stream of social occasions that make sticking to a diet extremely challenging

HOT weather that makes working out even more of a chore than it is already

Any of these hitting a note with you my friend ?

Just so you know.. I get it, in fact – I succumbed to a COD and Chips last night myself

So it’s ok to feel like this and don’t beat yourself up over it

just find a way to do the best you can in every little situation

and when the going is good and easy – Stick to your plan!

Even more important

Do not become another one of those ‘oh but when this is done’ kind of man

These guys are everywhere – they put off getting in shape and other crucial tasks permanently by always having an excuse at the ready

an excuse they’ve already accepted as fact and a valid one for them to do nothing

Excuses WILL come into your mind, that is inevitable – its up to YOU to find the solution or the way around

Have a great day and let me know if you need anything

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