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What I Learnt ‘Down The Gym’

So it just came round to ‘that time’ again my man

It’s the time when the ‘family’ decides they want to get fit

Always an interesting time as a trainer

I’ll no doubt give out a mountain of advice – all of which will be duly ignored

They even got me to go down the local ‘pure gym’

And I tried to give them a little session… free of course – they quit after 5 minutes

So I’m in this big commercial gym – Probably the kind of one you’ve been to a few times yourself

It feels big and even myself I was a bit like….so where do I start?

a few people there who obviously know what they are doing

A few ‘big guys’ – and I’ve been around the gym scene for years – I still want to stay out of their way know what I mean?

So for the first time in ages

I ‘got it’

I saw tons of men drifting around the gym

mostly wasting time, drifting, texting, wondering what they should be doing next

And I remembered why what I do is so powerful

because sometimes

You need that accountability to show up to workouts

You need someone to take you through the workout and make sure it wasn’t just a time burn

You need the pressure to get your results in 45 minutes, not 90


Because I know you don’t love the gym and that you want to be at home again or off on your day as quick as possilbe

if you really are at a loss for motivation

and if you know that even if you do go to the gym…. that it won’t be time well spent

I reckon it’s time you tried something different

The new year will be on you soon


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