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What results can you expect in 6 weeks?

Hope you’re having a killer weekend so far Beansprout

At WOLF we are constantly testing and measuring to make sure your making progress

And this week I ‘checked In’ with one of my new morning clients – Shakey

Shakey has been with me on our group training package for 6 weeks so far and in that time he’s

– dropped a jean size and 3 inches of his waist
– Lost 3 inches round his love handles
– Gone from doing a few sloppy press ups to 15 Solid ones
– Gained new muscle, shaped up and lost over 2% body fat

Pretty solid for 6 weeks only of training right?

These are the kind of results every man CAN Get in the gym

Yes… yourself included in that my friend

Problem is, you will need to be motivated and driven to get it

And thing is, that’s not for everyone

We still get people who join us, do none of the work to get in shape.. and leave

That’s rare and we try not to work with those guys in the first place but it happens

SO – are you the driven man capable of exceptional results and a totally new body in 90 days ?

Or are you someone who’s not willing to commit to something new and stay stuck looking and feeling the same

If it’s the former – I’d love to give you a free session with us

Here’s where you can apply for that – https://www.wayoflifefitness.co.uk/lb-offer/

PS – Shakey got all his results working in a group with us, if you want to train 1-1, you’ve got this weekend to apply before it’s shut

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