What's serving you this week? - Wolf

What’s serving you this week?

Break that freaking diary out my man and let’s have a little peak

And don’t forget – what gets planned and what gets scheduled GETS DONE

that’s why I keep grinding on about having a diary and planning in the stuff that makes you a better version of yourself

That’s enough hippy chat for today

lets do this

What I want to ask you is

How many hours of Self serving activities have you got in your week this week? Booked in, locked down.

And what I mean by self serving is

things that improve you, that give you that GOOD feeling, help you relax and better you

Some examples

– A short, intense workout
– Some stretching
– A sauna
– A massage < preferably a 'sports' style one but I guess the other kind will do the job as well..... - A slow jog or a walk - Meditation - Some other form of expertise that doesn't roast you, think swimming, playing sports etc - A hair cut - Coffee with a friend < one I need to work on So If your pulling 30+ hours at work this week and lets face it, you probably are... that's before we even count the time we spend THINKING about work as well You NEED this stuff in your game to balance you out and make sure that there is plenty of YOU time as well because I'll be 100% raw with you coming from someone who's worked 50+ hour weeks and had more rotten habits than you can shake a stick at down the years How you feel day to day is the most important thing for making progress you can't produce if you don't feel good and as men - we are 100% happiest when we are progressing So go ahead and give yourself some stuff to progress on (your health, body and fitness) And NO my man - getting to the next island on candy crush is not my idea of progress - leave that to your Mrs Have a great day Oh and if you just got this email for the first time which I know is SOME of you, you'll keep getting them and getting free tips as long as your in my little black book If you want OUT - scroll to the bottom, hit unsubscribe and opt to go it alone Steve THE WOLF

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