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What’s The WORST Type Of Break?

Hope your having a jaffer of a weekend!

Did you guess what the WORST type of break is ?

It’s the international football break of course and don’t we all know it

Although the ‘3 lions’ did actually win the other night .. cue mindless optimism

You know what else is a HORRIBLE break to have

It’s any sort of break where you do absolutely 0 work on your body

Have you ever done a solid 3 weeks of working out and healthy eating

Only to miss 2 weeks and start over ?

It’s one of the main reasons men like yourself don’t get anywhere with fitness and actually changing their shape from pear to pumped

Cruel reality of the human body – It HATES to be in shape

It can’ee be fussed with it… ever

And if you’re inconsistent

It will go backwards quicker than an England scrum

Consistency is literally the biggest deal when it comes to getting a fit body that you feel good about and your kids will be proud of

If you think missing a week here and there is ‘Ok’, sorry, it isn’t…. if you actually want results

We’re in the results biz and this is why i would only ever work with you a minimum of 2x a week

So you can actually get results from the gym and feel motivated the whole time

Get… and stay consistent

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