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Why A Cheat Day Is A Horrible Idea For You

Ever been pals with someone on a diet

or maybe your buddy who works out a little bit

you see him filling his chops with a burger and a pint

But no worries, because he said it’s his cheat day

I guess that means if your on a diet you should have a cheat day to right ?

100% wrong young grasshopper

Here’s the kind of people that regularly have a cheat day and don’t gain any weight and still look great

OH – SORRY, if you don’t know what a cheat day is….it’s a day when you chuck healthy living down the bog and eat anything and everything…Yea, it’s just another word for binge eating

So yes, the kind of people who have cheat days and don’t suffer

– Those friends who NEVER get fat despite what they eat and always have a flat stomach
– Natural athletes with great genetics
– Sportsman
– Men who lift weights very regularly and know their stuff inside out

Work down that list flower, how many if those points describe you?

If your the same as me, it’s really not many

and that’s exactly why trying to copy what others do is no good for you

your a special snowflake after all I guess


Instead of binge eating, messing up your relationship with food and feeling so full you just might puke

focus on eating a little bit better, cutting out a few beers and giving up crisps for more than 48 hours

Then you can start eating the right amount and nuking fat off your rig

Don’t cheat on me boss

Have a great day and hit me here for a free trial – https://wolfitness.wufoo.com/forms/z1iyi50h0y7412p/

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