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Why you keep eating junk on the weekends

Happened to me on this one as well brother
this weekend just gone I ate TERRIBLY
like, really bad
you know when it’s just one bad meal and takeaway rolled into the next one
It’s happened to you as well so how can we fix it
well we need to know WHY it keeps happening right
and here is the reason
When your busy, stressed, challenged and overwhelmed Monday to Friday
It’s so easy to give in and feel better with rubbish food, lazy habits and booze
and all those things above
can lead to feeling your WORST
before we ‘reset’ Monday again
so what we need to do is get BETTER at handling stress
because one thing that we know for sure.. stress is inevitable
problems will always be a part of our lives, just like I said before
what we need to do is get so good at handling stress and pressure
that we don’t feel the need to blow it all up on the weekend
AND, it looks like I’ve work to do on this one as well
So yeah, I’m with you 100% of the way
Hit me if you have any questions
or if you want to change things up completely and make your life that little bit better
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Have a great week

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