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Why you sometimes lack willpower and motivation

Ever notice how you always start the day feeling GOOD
Most likely, eating a decent breakfast and cracking on how you’d like
But by the end of the day, if you mess up your diet.. it’s after the evening meal, it’s after work, it’s when the day is done, IT’S WHEN YOU’RE TIRED
So, from that we can pretty safely say that your energy levels directly affect your willpower
As the week goes on your decisions on fitness, gym and health get worse and you’re more likely to eat badly in the evenings
Is that fair, amigo?
Now, this will always be a challenge for us
This will always be a problem because as a man
you’re hardwired for hard work and always trying to do MORE….Of everything
A couple of little tricks to get around this
With the gym – Get in a competitive and supportive environment and get booked in for something so that you have to be there
With your diet – Take the junk out of the house and have some sort of plan for the day (doesn’t need to be a Tupperware fest)
With tactics like these – it won’t even matter if you’re tired because your environment is 100% on point to support you
it doesn’t matter for me if you don’t feel like you’re coming to the gym today because you’re booked in and the environment is strong enough to make sure you get it done
On the flip side, let’s imagine you just had a gym membership and you really didn’t feel like going that day
We all know how that one ends
because I’ve been there myself
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