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Why You’re Feeling So Drained Right Now

‘I’m Tired’
‘I’m knackered today for some reason’
‘I’m ready for the weekend’

Ever feel like this?

Think back to Sunday night/Monday morning when you felt motivated and up for the week

pretty different to now isn’t it?…and the thought of working out? TOUGH to stomach when you get into this state

I know because I’m in it myself right now as well

but the truth about WHY you feel like this is really simple

You’ve been neglecting yourself all week

how many nights have you slept a good 8 hours?
How much time out have you taken just to sit and relax… no phone no laptop?
How many hours work have you done?
How much time have you spent rushing around feeling overwhelmed?

You’ve spent most of your motivation and ‘juice’ by this point

you’re running on fumes!

and the more tired you get, the less productive you’ll be and you’ll spend even MORE time on your phone and wasting time in general

So really.. I just want you to be aware of that

it’s not some magical barrier stopping you from doing things or some voodoo curse making you eat junk at the weekend

you haven’t lost all motivation or drive

please don’t tell me you ‘can’t get motivated’ …. is it any wonder?

thing is

you can still get things done when your at this point

but you CAN’T rely on motivation to start that sucker off

For the reasons I just explained above my young grasshopper (you don’t have any left to burn)

Take heed


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