1 Day In Rome - Wolf

1 Day In Rome

Last time we spoke my man
I was in a deep
DEEP pit of despair

Hanging out my backside
and hating life
completely drained and knackered after a heavy night

you’ve been there, I know it

thing is, as we get to the back end of Tuesday
I feel…. better

Energised and on it
motivated and getting that drive back
ready to increase my results and push forward
thinking positively

So why is it most men simply can’t get around to feeling like this
and sticking with a plan for any length of time

it’s simple
they sit and wait to feel motivated and driven before they start a thing

‘can’t get motivated to wake up’
‘Can’t get driven to stick to a diet’
‘Just didn’t have the energy that day’

Do they really think that stuff just appears like that

Sorry my man, this ant Forrest Gump
You won’t just ‘feel like running’ one day
Doesn’t happen

feeling those things is earned first
through a bit of consistency on your part

THEN… You’ll look back and laugh
about how you wasted so much time waiting to feel motivated

I mean, I watched some YouTube video the other day
about a guy who ran 10 marathons in 10 days

Do you really think he just happened upon that kind of motivation?

No my grasshopper

Earned, then built – and you don’t even need 1/10th of that

if you want to step into WOLF
and have a golden opportunity to get the best results around

just give me a shout

Steve the ‘Still got a headache’ WOLF

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