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3 Easy Wins You Can Get At The Start Of Each Week

Here is the good thing about cutting your ‘wins’

It PROTECTS your confidence and motivation over time

you know those days where you feel like your not progressing… with life, with fitness or with your job?

Feels like junk right?


If you and me can look back over the last couple of days, even just in my mind… but on paper – EVEN BETTER – The we have a way of feeling good about ourselves

and realising that actually – Your doing pretty good because MOST of those bad thoughts and ‘cant be bothered’ feeling… is only in your head and created by yourself anyway

So, Here are the 3 wins you can score today (and most days)

These are the same ones I’ve scored today myself

You’ll notice – nothing ground breaking… But done every day over and over again – So powerful for body and mind

1. 10 minutes First thing In the morning of NO PHONE thinking time
2. A smoothie containing protein, seeds, nuts, berries and vegetables
3. My workouts in the diary for the week with Monday and Tuesday planned out to the hour including work and Mrs time

Do you see how celebrating this as a WIN is reinforcing these habits as absolutely crucial for my success (they are) ?

Do you see how that’s helping me do them more often?

So when someone tells me the they can’t be bothered to eat well in the morning

or they don’t have the time to do expertise a few times a week

How about making those things absolutely essential to you winning your week…TOP of your to be done list and non fricking negotiable

Non negotiable my friend

Have a top week


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