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A Rat Burrowed Into Him!

Ever hear’d those old tales of torture?
about how they put a bucket with a rat in on some blokes stomach
Heated that thing up with a blowtorch
and it ate clean through him?

Pretty grim right?

The thing is this
When you add pressure or heat to something
at some point
it will snap and start to take action

and you my good friend, are no different at all
because where you are right now
that’s pretty comfortable for you

I mean, it’s easier for you to stay the same
than it is to really go all in for a transformation with your body

However, imagine your the rat for a moment
What is it that’s going to finally make you ‘snap’

Is it the hundreds of quid you’ve thrown at trying to get in shape before?
Only for the new gear to get a couple of runs outs EVER

Is it your desire to set a great example for your kids
so when you’re telling them to eat well and look after themselves
you don’t look like a total hypocrite?

is it your own confidence levels and the fact you’d love to be
looking fit and strong in your Christmas jumper this year?
we all know that you’ve ‘made it’ once you look slim in a sweater

Is it your health? will it take you blowing out your arse after a flight of stairs
to spur you into action?

I want you to channel it mate
channel that feeling
channel what you want
and take a little step towards being more than you are right now

Have a great day


About the Author Steve Larsen

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