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Breaking New Ground

It’s probably not a prospect you’ve heard before

but here it is for you

you should ALWAYS

no matter what area of your life that we’re talking about
… Work, fitness, health, relationships

You should be trying to get onto NEW GROUND as I like to call it

and it’s a pretty simple concept

it means making progress above and beyond where you have before
Getting to a new level
Taking the next notch up on the ladder
… I don’t mind how you want to see it

This is so important

as men – naturally we are happiest when we have a project to work on
and we can see some progression on said project
really simple

and so it should be obvious
that staying still… making no progress or worse – going backwards
is POISON for your mood and your motivation

this is why, my young grasshopper
as you slip into worse shape
that it actually gets HARDER to find motivation rather than easier
which is a bit of a kick in the nut sack in itself

So take a look at your life right now
across the board
fitness included

what can you do to get onto new ground ?

because that my man – is where the good times are

Have an awesome week and reach out if you need anything


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