Feeling STUCK and FRUSTRATED? ... GOOD - Wolf


How’s your week going so far?

Are you making progress? or are you still stuck?

Do you feel alive and good, or do you feel Angry and frustrated at your situation?

If you’re feeling more of the bad stuff, than the good

No worries, In fact, I’m glad

because like I’ve always said up front

You won’t even bother changing unless there is some discomfort and anger associated with staying stuck where you are now

And, feeling that also gives you power

it puts you in control

because at the end of the day

CLICHE alert

the only person that can change your current situation is yourself

And it’s only YOUR responsibility to do it

Even if you pay £300 a month for a coach, it’s still all down to you

It’s a little something called EXTREME responsibility

Late for work? Your fault

Play a bad round of golf ? Your fault

Not in Shape? Your fault

Mrs pissed off at you? Your fault

Sounds awful doesn’t it

But if all the things your not happy about are your fault

then that means you can change them as well

Because blaming other people or outside factors for why your not in shape or why you haven’t taken any action yet

Will never ever get you to your goals


Remember – I can’t help you by only telling you you’re awesome

Have a great day and get a free week with us here – https://wolfitness.wufoo.com/forms/z1iyi50h0y7412p/


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