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Fixing the Start-Stop Problem



Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time in traffic – what a waste of time…
Yesterday I was in a queue for a good 20 minutes – Stop – Start – Stop – Start
Very frustrating and extremely similar to the fitness results of the people i see come into my gym for the first time
‘Well I used to be in such good shape’ – if i had a quid for every time I’ve heard that.
‘It’s just getting started’
‘I was doing this program but just kind of stopped’
‘I didn’t have the time for it anymore’
‘I didn’t like traveling to or being at the gym’
Sound familiar to you? Just some of the reasons why your own journey to a good, strong looking body may have been stop-start itself; don’t worry- I get it!

Thing is my friend, there really isn’t an easy fix for this
You must simply start to put yourself first, and get the wheels turning ASAP
The human body is funny, it can get and stay in good shape with a pretty small amount of commitment…. Say 3 hours per week TOTAL in the gym? I think we can agree that’s not much to look and feel how you want?!
BUT – Stop completely, Quit, Give up… You’ll go backwards so fast you’re back at square 1 before you know it.
That is why you’ll never be a long term winner in this game with the stop-start philosophy.
I always tell my clients – Do what you can manage, if you’re miserable all the time, you’ll only quit.

If you’re in the stop-start cycle and want to break free, lets chat – I’ll tell you where you are going wrong and how I can help you get what you want.
Steve The Wolf.

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