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For When You’re Feeling Low

So real talk for you today my old grasshopper

Some really serious bizniz to discuss
As always – you’ll only get it 100% raw from me
You know that right?


This last week or 2, I’ve been feeling pretty low
Pretty down in the dumps
LOW on energy
LOW on motivation
It happens to us all mate
even personal trainers who pretend the whole world is just one big ol beast mode experience

I can tell you for a fact
Most of them are just like you

I certainly experience all the same ups and downs as your good self
I rarely ‘feel like it’ when it comes to exercises

I regularly ‘crave’ junk food (and give in to it sometimes)
I also suffer from low motivation

So what’s the cause of all this s***?
that’s the million bucks question right?
because you can’t cure it until you know what causes it

For me

It’s taking to much on
spreading myself to thin
running around like a dumb tw@ day and night
Not sleeping enough
working to much and not switching off

For you

it might be that

but it might also be

Getting down about the shape your in
Feeling depressed about how unfit you are
Feeling fat in your work clothes

I understand mate

great thing for me and you though?

It’s 100%….. yep that’s 1 0 0 % within our power to change it

right now
and into next year
I’m completely re building my business so I can fix this
it’s massive

What massive action are you going to take to not feel sad and low in energy next year?

Answer that my mate
or get ready for another year of the same

It’s your time
you got this


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