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How to get yourself bigger and stronger even when your busy and have no time

I get it friend, your busy as shit with work, you’ve got a packed social calendar and the idea of going to the gym 5x a week is about as appealing as that chicken salad your supposed to be eating AGAIN!!, mix it up already, but seriously.. this little article is going to teach you how you can get your foot on the muscle ladder training for 2 hours a week.

SO, how do I know this stuff works.. well I used to be a ‘smash it’ kind of guy, you have to train 3-5 times a week to get bigger and stronger right, if you take a day off you’re a pussy and a measure of someone’s progress is how many times they ‘hit the gym’ this week. When I started training people I realized they didn’t give a damn about all this stuff, they just wanted to:

  • Get more muscular
  • Lose bodyfat
  • Feel stronger
  • Look better (same thing as the top 2)

And here is the kicker


They’ve got jobs such as pilot, lawyer, doctor + a wife and kids, they don’t have time to go to the gym 5x a week, some people will call it an excuse, well its just reality for some people, sound familiar – read on.

nearly all my clients train 2x per week, for an hour each time, at the start I was scared, can someone really get that much stronger and look that much better with just 2 hours a week of work….. then I saw the results for myself ( you can find them in the before/after pics and success stories on this site) and I realized ‘smashing it’ was bullshit, also realized I had likely wasted hundreds of hours in the gym doing worthless things, lives and learns, anyway, the results were great for every single client who trained twice a week and ate a good, sensible diet (that’s the fat loss taken care of)! SO, now the ‘I’ve got no time’ excuse is out the door what you waiting for, 2 hours a week, you got that much time? Of course you have.

But what do I do in my 2 hours!!!??? I wont leave you hanging, pop your e-mail in below and I’ll send you (for free of course) an awesome example workout that you can use to

  • Build muscle
  • Save time so you can do the things you enjoy more without worrying about going to the gym
  • Get stronger and look better without traveling to the gym 5x a week
  • Make better progress than all the bro’s smashing it 7x a week and not enjoying it.

You’ll also be receiving my daily e-mail tips, tricks, templates to keep you going. Less gym time, More progress.


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Ryan B says October 16, 2016

Hi, I would like an example workout if possible, also interested in some sessions however I am not free till after 7 in the weekdays

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