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Have Your Pizza And Eat It

On a scale of 1 to that text Dominoes keep sending you
just HOW hard is it to stay on track with a ‘diet’ come Friday night?

Crazy right?
I bet you find it pretty easy to eat ‘well’ during the week as well

but when Friday comes
Your Motivation – GONE
Your Energy – Obliterated
Your Willpower – Non-existent < yet another reason why relying on it will NEVER work

So what’s a man to do?

Most men? they’ll have a few beers and some junk food Friday night
that starts the ‘snowball effect’ for the weekend

Once Monday rolls around
it’s time to start all over again
and over the weekend
you’ve actually undone your good week and got fatter

How do you fix this?
it comes down to mind set

Ask yourself this
What CAN I have and still stay stay on track

I know if I have 5 Gin and slim lines then I’ll be tipsy to say the least
But I’ll make it home, wake up with a clear noggin
and be ready to have a motivated Saturday where I eat well, hit the gym and the missus doesn’t hate me

But if I have 10 Drinks I’ll grab a Donner and chips on the way home
then be grumpy and on a junk food binge the whole of the next day

Last night I had a Large Pizza
this morning I had a green smoothie and a protein shake
I didn’t bang on about the ‘bandwagon’
Or sulk about ‘losing motivation’ like most men do
I just got back on it

Do you see what we are working towards, my man?

it’s not about cutting all the stuff out you like

it’s about being flexible and having a focused and strong mind
….. which I know you have by the way

These are the ‘little’ (actually massive) things
that will make or break any new plan you start

If you need someone to lay all this out for you
talk you through your actual week and where you’re going wrong
& how to fix it of course

lets talk

Steve THE ‘Pizza planner’ WOLF

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