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Here’s Why It Really DOES Matter

So what’s IT?

Not that stupid clown from the film…Put that one back in the box now boss

And yea, IT is not you starting to get some more workouts in, you already know that

I’m not here to get on your bones about that today

NO, It comes before that

I’m talking about 40 winks my friend

I’m talking about your SLEEP

Often over looked by us men

Because you know… we will just ‘crack on’….’push through’….’get it done’ and if worst comes to worst I guess we will just all have to ‘MAN UP’

There’s a big problem with this theory tho, a problem so big it makes the events of Jurassic park look like a crumby day at the office

IF you NEED to push through and tough it out just to get through your work day… because you only slept 5-6 hours AGAIN then how do you expect to even begin to feel motivated for a workout?

Ever noticed how you’ve got better energy levels on the weekend? and also they aren’t to bad on Monday either ?

It’s not JUST because you get your lie in and a bacon sarnie you know

It’s those crucial extra hours sleep your getting.. allowing you and offering you an opportunity to feel energetic and motivated

and in todays world of LONG work hours, shopping centres and that forsaken ‘to do list’ – it’s easy to forget just what that felt like

In August… out of 31 days, I was up at 5am for 24 of them

And yeah, I got to tell everyone how early I got up and how hard I worked

I guess I was ‘Mr productive’

The REALITY though – I felt like trash in the afternoon and by the time I got in at 7 or 8pm – I was more useless than a chocolate tea pot and crashed out… guess how much fun I was to be around?

I HAD to change my schedule – I only sleep an hour more now – Half an hour gained at each end but I feel an insane amount better

So if your like many men… burning the candle from all angles – This is your WAKE UP call

You can feel better and you can be better


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