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Here’s Why You Keep Breaking The Rules

I’ll be the first to admit

it’s not EASY to eat well and workout consistently

SIMPLE – aye, but EASY – Nope

ever stopped to think about why we are so lousy at sticking to things and why we constantly try to ‘break the rules’…. even ones we set for ourselves like cutting down on the junk food and working out every now and then?

well one of me pals was at a ‘speed awareness’ course the other day

and apparently – the reason everyone is a complete helmet on the road these days… Especially in the morning is that they are stressed

WE – as people – Break the rules when we are stressed

And I guess, if you just run this through that brain of yours for a second – You start to realise it’s a pretty accurate statement

I mean – I bet your way more likely to eat crap after a long, stressful day where you get in late?

I bet when your exhausted and stressed with normal ‘life’ stuff that doing. a workout suddenly drops right down the pecking order of things to do

So my tip for you today is

try and put 1 or 2 things into your diary for next week that will reduce the stress on you a bit

those things? well I know for a FACT that working out is one of the best short medium and long term stress busters there is

in fact I have busy men tell me every single day that they feel like their mind is clearer and they are more focused when they leave my gym

So much so that they actually make BETTER decisions at work in their life – because they chose to workout and de stress first

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to put yourself first from time to time


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