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How to deal with midweek lows

It sometimes gets a little bit tougher mid week my friend

because a little bit of that vibe you had Monday and Tuesday

that ‘new week’ drive you felt

and a little bit of that extra energy you had after a lie in on Sunday

Well, that’s all gone now I’m afraid

So what are we left with once the will power, motivation and get up and go are spent?

If your not careful

the answer can be nothing

BUT – if your doing things right, you still have

– your workouts and relaxation time, non negotiable and in the diary – because feeling good is essential for you and you know it

– Your knowledge that even though you may not want to do it, you will get the boring but essential tasks done anyway

– Organisation – because if you have the workouts booked, the food in and the mindset on lockdown – you’ll find it almost impossible to mess up

SO – my question to you I guess is

Where are you right now with your week?

how are you feeling about it and how is it going?

AND maybe… what do you need to do differently to change things?

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