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I Can’t Believe You Pay That!

This is something I hear quite a lot

And I bet you’ve heard it a few times a long the way as well

I was talking to someone about WOLF the other day

they asked me how I got people to work with me

so of course I told them that I give out ton’s of free info to help people through emails and social media

And then – if they like the sound of what I do – and there the type of person I love to work with

I’ll invite them in for a free trial (links at the bottom mate)

So then he asks me how I get people to see my stuff on Facebook

and I tell him that I’ve spent over £2000 on advertising through Facebook

well this got his nickers in a bit of a twist and he couldn’t quite wrap his noggin around why I did that

you see, it all comes down to mindset

as far as I’m concerned, I never spent any of that money – I invested it because I get to help people and in return sometimes they will come to join the WOLF pack

So how can this help you

this is actually the same mindset you need to adopt when it comes to getting your a** Into shape once and for all

Working out for 45 mins – Not time lost – time invested for the great feeling and ‘gains’ you get in return

Spending money on great food that will boost your health, ignite you energy and help you feel just how you want – An investment Sir

And of course – getting coaching from someone who’s already done it all before – Now I talk within reason – NOT money lost or wasted – Money you invested in return for a better body and a huge time save

So that’s it man, I might have topped up Zuckerburg’s account another 2 grand last year

but at least you can learn from it and broaden your mind a bit

Have a great day


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