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It’s Between Your Ears!

Like I was just saying to you the other day mon ami
I’ve been in this ‘life coaching’ game for a little bit now
^^ I still cringe

And let me be honest, I’m still not even half satisfied with what I’ve done
I turned 28 yesterday and in another 10 years time, I hope I’ve changed another 100 lives

One question for you

When have you ever, ever heard me talk about sets, reps
deadlifts, squats
press ups, chin ups?

Pretty seldom < good word... right you might even think I don't really know my stuff when it comes to the 'nitty gritty' And you'd be 100% wrong, in my very humble opinion So what's the real reason? Simple enough All the men I've worked with And some that I haven't... who were just in great shape and had there s*** together in life and with their bodies Some of my biggest success stories I can tell you now the type of training the amount of 'reps per set' In terms of things you MUST have for a big body transformation that stuff Man it just pales.... PALES in comparison to the things you really need which is Mindset - opportunity based and shifting to positive ⁣ ⁣ Drive - Willing to do a bit more and be a bit more... as a person ⁣ ⁣ Change - Open and ready to change toxic and rotten behaviors that have put you in a bad place⁣ Looking for your bread and butter? It's in that list my man and let me tell you your mission won't even start until you've got those things on lock down the good part? you don't even have to leave that chair your sat on right now to do it Crack on Steve the 'Humble' WOLF PS - Here are 3 other ways I can help you right now 1- See Our Results Have a look here at some of the results we’ve achieved with men just like yourself -

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