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Just Do A Keto Diet They Said

It’s that time of year again in the fitness industry my man
As sure as the full moon cometh
As sure as jezza Kyle will tear into Andy from Bradford for using drugs

That’s right – Folk are back all over the ‘keto’ diet

you might have heard Jane from accounts mention she was giving it a whirl
But incase you didn’t know
the keto diet is just HIGH Protein… HIGH Fat and ZERO carbs

I really don’t recommend you give this much of a shot
And I could be here until the champions league final telling you why
With ‘science and stuff’

But honestly, for your good self

here’s the main reason to give this fad a Swerve

1. Things you CANNOT eat on a keto diet – ALL Fruit… Some vegetables

– Dude, you want to get healthy, feel great, live longer and have loads of energy don’t you?
So what business do you have cutting out natures bounty in order to lose a quick pound?

2. You will never, ever, ever stick to it

It’s day 3 of keto – you’re boss wants to take you out for lunch
Now, remember you can’t have any potatoes, rice, sauce, dressing, fruit, starch, bread, alcohol or desert

How many times can you order a plain grilled chicken breast and a glass of water before that s*** gets old?

Day 6 of keto – it’s the Mrs birthday and she wants to have a glass of wine with you
But no – just a soda water for you – because keto

now you see my man – somethings look great on paper

but that which is not flexible – will snap when bent

And a keto diet is about as flexible as the European Union on Brexit

If you want to lose weight, and keep it off
you’ve got to become flexible and get used to making good choices more often

Cliche alert – it IS a lifestyle change, Not a diet

At WOLF, We give powerful diet support and if need be
I’ll personally sit down with my pack members
go over their day
and tell them exactly what they need to change to blast off fat and trim up

it’s why we’ve already helped men from town lose stones of weight (and keep it off) this year already

If you want more info on what we do just reply with ‘WOLF’ as the subject line and I’ll give you more

Steve THE ‘Flexible’ WOLF

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