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Lockdown…Completed It Mate

So I guess you’ve heard the news by now

All gyms and shops to re open in the run up to Christmas
And you know I for one am looking forward to the January lockdown

Ha, not really mate
I’ve already had my fill of living room workouts
and practicing my chipping in my garden

It’s going to be a strange little time isn’t it?

Considering most of us tend to ‘wind down’ from about 10 days pre-Xmas
getting going again on the 5th or so will be Odd

Never the less my mate

This could be quite a crucial little 3 week sprint for you and here is why

chances are, since the lockdown started 3 weeks ago

you haven’t exactly been on top of your game
from a fitness, exercise and healthy eating standpoint

and that’s cool
because I get that
truth be told, neither have I

so no worries there

problem is

if you can’t get anything going come the big ‘re-opening’

then Xmas rolls around and as usual
once again we accidentally eat a whole Lindt bar… or 5

then maybe we have another 2 week ‘circuit breaker’
and we’re stuck inside again

MAN – it could be 3 months of not A Lot before we know it
and that’s plenty of time to pile on pounds and move way backward with your health

so my honest…kind of serious advice to you is

if you can get back into your old routine in a week or so

make sure you do it and do it hard

your future self is already thanking you for it

if you need a place to call home for your workouts

where beginners can excel and the results are guaranteed

Come and grab a free week with us, no strings attached

here’s where you need to click to do that – Contact WOLF


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