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Pencil Power For Men

Something I’ve actually heard a few times

and READ countless times

Oh, and actually used with great results as well

In fact, it’s this method that allows me to get so much in my week


40 hours of gym work with the WOLF Pack + 10 hours of admin style work
3 weights workouts
3 runs of 5k or more
2 dates with my Mrs
Cooking for her and my old dear once a week
2 cricket sessions and 1 match

NOW, I don’t tell you this to brag

because let’s face it, it’s nothing impressive

And I only include the stuff about the Mrs because we KNOW it’s important to keep her happy as well, for your sake!

I’m just telling you the results I have from using the methods I share with you

Like I always say

words are one thing

but it’s your results (or lack of) that tell you how effective your methods are over time

So what’s my trick for getting all this done EVERY WEEK

let’s forget for a sec about the logistics, methods, actions

Forget that for now

the first thing is taking a pencil

and writing all this stuff down that I’ll do

I do this every Sunday

and I just tick tick tick away until I get all this done

if I’m 100% committed to doing those things in the 7 days

I’ll make the time, or make the space, despite all the stuff that will no doubt come up

If normal things haven’t been working for you

try writing down all your MUST DO’s for the week and see how that works for you

IMPORTANT – I Don’t always hit 100% so don’t lose your head if you miss 1

Give this a try

Want to see the results we get, go here –


PS – AWARE this is a similar message to my last one, that’s because this is crucial, take some action now already

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