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RE: Your New B and M

Have you been up to the new B and M store yet my man?

I have to admit – a trip to B and M for me is right up there with having my nipples twisted
Or worse a day out to IKEA
But man really can’t argue with those prices
I walked in to pick up some grenade bars and some tuna 
and came out with a bed Side table a side lamp 2 pot plants 3 halloween masks and a new 2 piece suit 
what can I say the value was to much for me 
and you know in 1 or 2 ways

WOLF is a bit like B and M 
I mean – the value we give is pretty insane

We’ve turned men’s lives around and coached them to a new body 
and it’s cost them less than your daily Meal deal 
we’ve given them motivation so they feel great outside the gym as well 
Energy so they aren’t sluggish and can chase about with their kids
Confidence so they feel great in their work clothes every day 
all of that at the same price most men spank down Starbucks every morning
Only difference between us and B and M
We don’t have a funny smell that all ‘bargain’ shops seem to have you know the one?

but seriously We also have a first class service and support to go with our value and results 
Don’t believe a word of it? check out our website and social media

it’s littered with the results of men we’ve worked with who were just like you before they started by the way

Cast iron proof that what we do works… rather than just more selfies of myself

like that will help you get out of the rut you’re in 
If you’re waiting for a better offer

honestly man

I don’t think you’ll find one
go here to see the proof I was talking about:


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