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Selling: Snake OIL <

So I was driving a long on Sunday my man
Mrs in the front seat
usual good stuff you know?

Of course she wants to pop into the local Car showrooms to ‘have a look’
that’s fine I suppose

you know.. I don’t mind having a look
what I can’t handle is having to make chit chat with some car salesman
What’s that mate, you recon we should take a brand new one because it will ‘work out cheaper’
Nice one

And then it’s £191 up front for 8 months
followed by 10 grand cash
and then a balloon payment of 50 grand at the end
But don’t worry
it’s 0% APR as long as you do a backflip and sign here

Honestly, just give it to me straight
it’s going to be a lot up front followed by a Lot every month
and then a lot at the end to keep the car
At least I’ll get to ‘be up high from the road’ to make it all better

I can even drive aggressively and look down on people in small cars
to feel good about the monthly depreciation on my new motor

You see my little chicken

At WOLF we keep things very simple
Whenever we have someone new in our WOLF den

It’s a very simple chat
followed by a very simple offer

Look – Here is the results we get
We have lots of before and afters and even more ‘numbers’ to back us up
it’s pretty much proven that if you do the work
we will get you great results

Right, that’s established

This is how much it’s going to cost you every month – X (less than having a pint every day)

Are you IN, or are you f***ing Out?

Really simply my good soldier

Have a great day and if your IN – Just give me a shout

Steve the ‘0% APR’ WOLF

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