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The (Actual) Cure For Laziness

So mate… you feel lazy
you get home from work – you feel tired
you feel knackered roughly 100% of the time

Sometimes you think it must be ‘different’ for you

but I can tell you, for a fact, after meeting and working with hundreds of people
Nearly everyone is going through exactly the same thing

YEP – even that guy who is ‘so motivated’ with his training
or ‘obsessed’ with working out
he feels just like this to my man

So is it true?
are you really just lazy

I’m here to tell you – not at all

The first stage
just like kicking that meth habit I had back in 2010
is acceptance

accepting the fact that you’re no different
you have the same chance to be successful and achieve things as everyone else

and that… at the end of the day
Whichever way you slice it
This is down to you and you only

Go it mate? Now it’s time to OWN it

The next step is to REALISE

Realise one little fact

the only thing separating you feeling lazy
and you feeling driven and energised

is a few weeks of doing things when you’d really rather not

actually getting up and making a start….
even tho you know it will be more awkward than a lizard on roller-skates

Properly showing up and doing it….
Even tho you feel more tired than a soldier after the 100 years war

Just a bit of repetition on the above
and one day you’ll open those mince pie’s of yours
and realise
Motivation isn’t even much of a thing anymore

Your friends and colleagues will start to say your ‘dedicated’ ‘committed’
or they’ll even ask you how you ‘find the energy’…. you’ll just laugh

So there you have it grasshopper

A 2 step mindset plan to destroy and nonsense about you being lazy
Your not

Have a great day, and when your ready to step up and work with us

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